Shitsco CTF Problem Walkthrough

I started my career doing security research. I guess technically I had a government red team job before that, but to really get where I wanted to go in the industry I did some research, gave some talks, and went from there. But for the past couple of years I’ve mainly been focusing on building my consulting practice, commercializing my mobile security research, and build a product startup. So I haven’t had as much time for research as I would have liked. With the release of our first pro product Dagah I’ve made a resolution to change that. 

I’ve decided to start this blog to post some of my work. My goal is to make everything understandable to someone who has read the exploit development chapters in my book and/or did the exploit development exercises in the OSCP course and exam. I find that even with years of study I sometimes fall into the gaps of assumed knowledge and skipped steps on vulnerability write-ups. What I’ll try and do different here is make everything I post go step by step and include all the background. That might make it really boring to some of […]